Up to February 18th, 2017

What Tom said:


What the facts are:

His statement is a load of crap.

Here is what the fiduciary rule did:

It made sure that a financial advisor ALWAYS acts in your best interest and not in the interest of the advisor making a ton of money off you. You would probably and rightfully expect that that would be the case anyway, but it was not. A financial advisor has his own interest in mind, whatever he or she does. After all advising you is their business and their business is making money for themselves.

Now, with this rule being history, every financial advisor you hand over your hard earned money to invest it for you to secure your financial future can use it to advance his or her financial gain, without having to be accountable or even care what that means for you. They can now lose all your money as long as it benefits them and you have no way to hol them accountable.

Tom Graves is happy to allow people to screw you out of your hard earned money. Thanks, Tom!


What Tom said:


What the facts are:

Not much to argue here. This is overall a decent bill. Want my emails? Get a warrant. Problematic however is the following part of the bill:

“Allows the government to apply for an order directing a provider, for a specified period, to refrain from notifying any other person that the provider has been required to disclose communications or records.”

That spells trouble, because it significantly limits transparency.


What Tom said:


What the facts are:

This guy foreclosed on thousands of people while making a load of many back during the recession. He is a Goldman Sachs guy and will do nothing else but hurt you and the people while making sure Wall Street fattens up some more. Dodd-Frank was designed to protect you, your investment and our country from the behavior that led to the recession.

Tom Graves doesn’t care for you as long as big banks and Wall Street are doing OK. He serves them and not you. Thanks, Tom!


What Tom said:


What the facts are:

Well, Tom Graves is full of it in this one. He seems to hate women, plain and simple. Planned Parenthood was already not allowed to use any government funding for abortions. What those funds were used for are things like preventive checkups for breast cancer, pap smears to check for ovarian cancer and may other things to benefit women’s health. This whole abortion thing is a big fat lie, politicians for some strange reason are telling you. Abortion is a very small part of what Planned Parenthood actually does, but they make it sound like this is all they do.

Defunding PP will directly lead to more women dying and less women having access to health care services. Tom Graves is fine with that.  Thanks, Tom!


Well, that does it for this week on what Graves had to say. Don’t forget, you have a say too!

Call his offices and tell him what you think about his actions!






OPINION – Tom doesn’t want to talk to you

Congress is taking a week off  from Congress to be in their districts and states. The purpose of this week for members of congress is to spend time at home, in the midst of their constituents, to touch base with them and to make sure they are not being ignored. That is at least how I see it. How else could you justify those guys taking a break after only a month of work?

Well, you need to ask this question to Tom Graves. So far, there is no town hall meeting scheduled, not even to allow us, his constituents, to talk to him and give him feedback. He seems to have decided to just ignore us. I am sure he will spend his time fundraising somewhere. After all, his donors are who he really seems to serve.

I don’t even blame him. Based on the lies he continues to putout there and an increasingly awakening, critical constituency, I would be nervous about facing the music too. But he can’t do that forever. He will have to get in front of us at some point.

Now, I know the task at hand for him is not easy. How do you face the people when you have a guy at the White House who has so obviously completely lost his mind? No matter what your political affiliation is, if you watched the – well, let’s call it that for now – press conference of Trump this week, you need to come to the conclusion that something is wrong wit this guy.

I have seen good and bad press conferences, but I have never seen anything as insane like this. This guy is supposed to leas the country, yet he doesn’t seem to be able to get over the fact that he won the election. He seems to be in a constant search for enemies and someone to blame. He is incoherent and can, at this point, really no longer be taken seriously. And Tom Graves seems to still be a reliable cheerleader for him. That is not easy to justify. But if he likes it or not, he will be held accountable and he will have to face us at some point. If he keeps hiding for much longer though, you can bet that it will only get worse, as the pile of lies he tries to sell us is getting larger and larger.

Maybe he just isn’t used to have to answer to us. After all, he has been running uncontested. He didn’t need to actually have a message, a plan or common sense. Heck, he didn’t even have to show that he cares for anyone of us. He just needed to be on the ballot. Nobody else was. We didn’t have a choice.

I sincerely hope that those times are ending. I want him to HAVE to convince us that he is indeed the better choice. For that, though, he will have to stand in front of us and give us some answers.

So far, Tom Graves is showing openly that he is neither up for the task, nor interested in what we think or need. He is a failure.

So, come on Tom! Show your face. Let’s have a discussion. At some point you will have to and I am not going anywhere. I will be waiting for you and you can bet that I will be demanding answers. Now, tomorrow, as long as you are in office.


If YOU, dear reader, believe Tom Graves needs to come out of hiding, call his office, send him a letter or – even better – just show up at his office. Get some likeminded people and make it a crowd. Be respectful and specific, but be persistent in your demand to get answers and voice your disapproval with him.

And let me know about it. I am happy to report about it here and/or join you if I can.

With that, have a great time and don’t forget to #Resist !